who we are?

The company


The company’s origins are from Calvillo, a municipality in the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico.  For more than 60 years our family has dedicated itself to the cultivation of guava. At the start it was for local consumers.

In the 90’s our company was born. It focused on the production and commercialization of guava, both for industrialization and fresh consumption. Since then, we have been suppliers of guava for companies such as Gerber, Jumex, Pascual Boing, and many others.

In 2008 the exportation of guava from Mexico to the United States was authorized. Allowing us to become the first to commercialize guava in the market.

With the opportunity that presented itself for the development of fresh guava, a packing house for exportation was born. It included the highest quality standards and application of the best technology.  This is how Frutas Premium, belonging to the F-Diaz Group, was born.

The Frutas Premium packing house exports guava year-round.  It packs fruit from the various guava producing areas of Mexico. Additionally, it exports Manzano peppers cultivated in green houses.

Our Mission

Our mission from the start has been to form an integrated company.  Beginning with production out in the fields and ending with the delivery to retail stores.  Because of this, Spring Valley Fruits, which is also part of the F-Diaz Group works directly with retailers in the United States.  Spring Valley Fruits delivers our fruit directly to the stores with refrigerated equipment that permits us to maintain the fruit in a cold chain. 

In this same manner, retail stores promote our fruit. In some cases, the stores install refrigerated displays to showcase our product. This conserves the cold supply chain that began days ago when we first began to harvest the fruit.

At F-Diaz Group we strive to improve each day.  Generating employment and prosperity in our surroundings for the development of our communities.  We are committed to the environment through the use of good production practices.


· Honesty

· Commitment

· Responsibility

· Hard work

Our Team

The company has partner companies that share our same ideology, objectives and commitment.

The project unites producers from Michoacán, Zacatecas, the state of Mexico, and Aguascalientes. All are working hard to be able to offer the best quality in the shortest time possible.

How we work



A sales forecast is made each week, in accordance with the season and a historical data point for that specific week. This helps determine the quantity of fruit that will need to be harvested.

The harvest is programmed with the various guava producers. Fruit begins to be stored in boxes inside refrigerated trucks to start reducing the temperature.


Refrigerated transport is sent to the various areas of the country for recollection of the fruit in plastic boxes.

The guava that was harvested arrives at our packing house in less than 24 hours to begin the packing process as soon as possible.

Our packing process

The fruit is unloaded in the early morning onto a cold room and sorted by lot numbers that identify the zone where it was harvested, the producer, the orchard, the date of harvest, and other data.


Our packing personnel arrives at 5am. They are ready to begin the selection and packaging processes. None of this would be possible without the exceptional effort given by the company’s human talent. Packaging counts on 135 persons who are fully committed and happy to be part of the process.



We utilize three sorting machines that sort the fruit by color and weight.  





Subsequently, the fruit is packed according to the presentation desired by the client. It can include bulk boxes, baby guava bags, tray or clamshell guava that you can find at any Walmart Supercenter is the US, and eco-friendly clamshell, made with bamboo fibers reduces our plastic use by 91%.



The packed fruit leaves our facilities bound for the United States.




The load of fruit is inspected by both Mexican and American health authorities FDA and USDA.




The merchandise is then organized and prepared to be shipped to different customers throughout the United States.