91% reduction in plastic

This project implies lots of time, investment of resources, research, trials, and most importantly “awareness”.

Eco-friendly trays, 100 % recyclable and compostable.  Made with bamboo and sugar cane to reduce our plastic consumption by 91%.

After lots of effort we obtained a 100% eco-friendly tray to our measure.  Which included our logo and ideal perforations to allow ventilation for the guava, and that was able to be restacked.

PET or PP weight used for 16 trays (1 case) of guava.

For the informative strip and as a seal we use a plastic band of 50 microns (very thin), which allowed us to go from 570 grams to 44 grams.

Our final eco-friendly clamshell with the capacity for 1 lb (454 grams of guava)