Guava ripeness

In this article you can learn a little more about guava ripening.

This variety of guava, Mexican guava, ranges from 30 mm to 90 mm in diameter and its color begins dark green and turns yellow, until it reaches an intense yellow color when ripe. Ripe guavas possess a intense smell.


The size of the fruit may vary, we classify small fruits as size C, which we called Baby Guava and this fruit has the characteristic of being firm in texture and very good flavor.

Fruis is classified as B, A and Extra when they are bigger fruits.


You could consume it as fresh fruit when it is in any stage of ripening, being less sweet when it is greener. When it has been overripe you can use it to make jams or desserts, the flavor and aroma intensifies. 

Sometimes you can see a slight red or pink spot on the guava, this is absolutely normal because the fruit had moderate exposure to the sun when it was on the tree, these fruits tend to have better flavor and sweetness.


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