How to eat guava?

Brief video about some guava facts

Choose guava by color, touch and smell. Look for fruit that’s yellow, pale yellow or green. Gently squeeze the fruit with your fingers. Soft guava will be the sweetest. Choose guava based on when you want to eat it or the flavor that you like. Green guavas are sour meanwhile yellow guavas are sweeter. A perfectly ripe guava releases a readily noticeable, pungent, sweet, floral and tropical smell that you can notice without even getting the fruit right up to your nose.

To eat guava raw, you could eat just like any other fruit, seeds are edible but we recommend not to chew them, because they are hard seeds. Also you could slice it in half and remove seeds with a spoon.

Keep in mind that guavas are very perishable. Once your guavas are ripe and pungent, you should have about two days before they go over ripen. Those guavas are a good option to prepare juice, desserts or other recipes that tastes better with ripe guavas.

Often you will find hard, green guavas at the supermarket. You can always wait for them to ripen. To make a guava softer, simply wait. Check it every day as it will ripen quickly.