Guava Info

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The Premium guava trees are grown with love, we run a Risk Reduction Program and Good Agricultural Practices, ensuring fruit´s traceability and safety.

New guava trees are grown in climate controlled nurseries to make sure they get all the water and nutrients they need until they are ready to be transplanted. Also soil is carefully prepared to make sure these trees will grow strong and healthy. The trees are systematically planted in terraces (stair like soli levels), this cultivation system helps trees to capture rainwater, micro-spraying irrigation is also used for watering the trees; by combining both irrigation systems, we make sure the orchards are well nourished and save water in the process.

Guava trees have low tolerance to cold weather, they can survive as low as 5 degrees for short periods of time, this is why guava orchards are planted middle and upper hills, we also use anti-hail mesh to protect the orchards from extreme weather conditions.

Pruning is very important for the trees, it keeps them healthy, the process helps to control tree growth, amount of sunlight received through foliage, and remove undesired branches, it also increases the quality of the fruits and simplifies harvesting. Guava trees are pruned once a year, after pruned it will take seven months for the tree to be harvested again.

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Premium guavas are hand selected and carefully picked to prevent the fruit from any harm and to make sure your family receives only the best.

After harvested, guavas are transported in refrigerated trucks and taken to pre-cooling rooms, where they are stored until they reach the ideal packaging temperature. These rooms are equipped with disinfection and ethylene control systems, in order to preserve the fruit in optimal conditions.

Traceability control is used to keep track of every orchard, this system allows us to keep record of every crop´s phytosanitary information, harvesting and packaging dates.

After separating the crops, fruits are sorted one at a time in high technology sorting machines by color and size. Guavas are then weighed, labeled and stowed in pallets which will be covered with anti-insect mesh to meet sanitary regulations. These well covered pallets will be stored in a cold room just waiting to be shipped.


Guava is a natural health boosters, it contains a great concentration of vitamins, ciber, antioxidants and also add some exotics flavor to your everyday diet.